Introducing DivaTales

Introducing DivaTales

Hi Everyone, DivaDog here.

Since Gypsy and I have settled in Texas, I’ve been lazy. I’ve talked Gypsy into share some of her children’s stories here. She’s agreed to let me put up one story a week for the summer. We’re still talking about what to call this new change. I think we should call them DivaTales, but Gypsy’s not convinced.

This first one is called Friends. It is part of a collection of stories called Patches and the Chickendog, which is a collection of “read to me” stories for ages 4-8. You can get the entire collection in either paperback or ebook form at


Gypsy donates all money earned from sales of Patches and the Chickendog to help other homeless pets until they find their new families. Please buy a copy, and share with your friends. No animals should be homeless, just like no people should be homeless.

Love, DivaDog

 Patches and the Chickendog: Friends

“Hey, who are you?”

Benjamin jumped. He looked around. He did not see anyone. Was a ghost talking to him?

He shifted closer to the door. Benjamin yipped for Lady to let him inside. He did not like this place. It was different and strange and scary. Now a ghost was talking to him.

He raised a paw and scratched at the back door.

“Do you live here now? Or don’t you talk to strangers?” The voice said. It sounded closer.

“W-w-who are you?” Benjamin turned around so fast his big ears flew around. They covered his eyes for a moment. Shaking his head, he flipped them off his nose.

There was a cat walking along the top of the fence. It was a black and white and brown cat. Its face was flat, like it had run into a wall. It was black around one eye and ear, and brown around the other. The rest of his face was white.

“Patches, the bravest lady cat in the world, at your service. Who are you?” Patches jumped from the fence to the deck.

Benjamin took two steps back. He sat down when his tail ran into the door. “I’m Benjamin Franklin Bagel Hound. This is my new home.”

“Hi Benny, good to meet you. We’re gonna be best friends.”

“The name’s Benjamin and I am not weird. I am a Bagel Hound.”

“And what exactly is a Bagel Hound?” Patches asked. She sat down. He was one big, funny looking dog.

“My mother was a basset hound and my father was a beagle. Lady says I am a Bagel Hound.”

“Well I’m a peke face tri-color short hair Persian, Benny. If this is your new home, you should be exploring. You know, looking for the best places to take a nap. After all, you are a dog.”

“I think I’ll just sit here, thank you very much. And the name’s Benjamin.”

“Yeah, okay, sure, Benny.” Patches leapt to the deck. She walked closer and closer.

Benjamin moved closer to the door. “Go away. You’re a cat and you don’t live here.”

“You’re not a dog. You’re a chicken. You’re scared, aren’t you?”

“Umm, well, not exactly. I have to stay here. I have to guard Lady.”

“You are a chicken! A chickendog who is afraid of your own yard! Come on, I’ll show you around. I know this place like the back of my paw.”

Patches rubbed her shoulder against Benjamin’s leg. Then she circled him and did it again.

“Well, okay. But only until Lady lets me into the house,” Benjamin said.

“Sure thing, Benny. Like I said, we’re gonna be the best friends. I’ll teach you how to be brave, too.”

“Well, I guess.” Benjamin followed Patches. She walked into the overgrown yard.

He was much bigger than the little black and white and brown cat. She was much braver than he was. Maybe having a brave friend wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all.

“And my name is Benjamin, not Benny.”

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Merry Christmas!!!


Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day, Happy New Year, and any other holidays you’re celebrating.

I’m sad today because Santa Paws rejected my application to be one of his reindeer. But I’m not sure Gypsy would be able to get along without me, so I guess I’ll just keep on being her bodyguard, personal trainer, and doorbell.

I’ll see everyone back here next year.

Love, DivaDog



Big News


Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, but Gypsy and I have been super busy settling in to our new place in Texas. Yes, we bought a house. It’s a nice place, with a big fence around the yard and a nice, quiet neighborhood to walk in. We’re back to walking twice a day because Gypsy needs her exercise and I have to make sure she does the whole route.

I’m not sure how many of you know this but Gypsy is a writer. She writes books for everybody–kids, adults, and in-betweens. Well, me and some friends have been bugging her about writing a book about me and I think we’re wearing her down. She’s actually thinking about writing a children’s story about yours truly.

Of course I’m going to help by making sure she gets plenty of walks, and lots of naps, and goes to bed when she’s supposed to. I’m just not sure how she’s going to put pictures in the book because we all know I hate having my picture taken. We may have to recruit Gypsy’s friend, Heather, to help.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for now, except please don’t buy someone a puppy for Christmas unless you know for absolutely, positively sure that they really want one.

Love, Diva


Moving Day

Good Morning World!!!

Something big is going on here. Gypsy took a bunch of her stuff out of here yesterday. And didn’t bring it back. Then, yesterday afternoon when she came back from “running errands” she took some more of our stuff out, including my suitcase.

She says we’ll be going to our new house today. I hope I like the house. All I got to see when she took me there a millions days ago was the yard. It was really nice with trees and some great grass to roll in.

I guess this means our travels are at an end, though Gypsy says there’s a lot of new places around Texas to see, so maybe it’s just the beginning. Now we just have to wait for everyone else to wake up so I can say goodbye to Miz Carol. I love Miz Carol.

More soon!

Love, DivaDog

Happy Dog Day!!!


Happy National Dog Day Everyone!!!

Please give the dogs in your life extra loving today. That’s all they want, some time and attention, and, well, a doggie treat or two since people food isn’t really all that good for us.

We are just over a week from moving into our new house and I can’t wait. I can’t wait to get Gypsy back into a normal routine of patrolling our new neighborhood and lazing on our new back porch while she does all the thing she does to keep me in kibble.

Love, DivaDog



imageThis is Leann. She’s not here much,but comes to visit when she can. I’m kissing her to ‘pologize for barking when she comes in. But that’s my job, to tell Gypsy when people are coming in, plus it’s the only way I can say hello.

Gypsy says we move into our new house in three weeks. I hope she doesn’t take away my barker before then like she said the other day. Then I wouldn’t be able to tell her when someone is coming in.

I’m liking the cooler weather we’re having, I just wished it would stop raining every day.

Gotta go, I hear the garage door…Miz Carol must be home.

Love, DivaDog


Sorry Gypsy

This is my favorite human these days even though she is hardly never home.



Don’t tell Gypsy ’cause she might get jealous. I still bark whenever someone comes in the door and Gypsy yells every time, but she doesn’t understand that’s just my way of saying hello.

Gypsy says it will be another four weeks until we move into our new home…just hope I like the neighbors…LOL

Hope everyone is staying cool in this heat. And please don’t leave your pets out too long in the hotness as we feel it more than you do.

Love, DivaDog